Back to the Future on Race Relations?

Since VDARE had their contact rights violated by PayPal and the lawsuit they brought against the tech company, I must admit to have delved from time-to-time into the website’s content. The essay is one of many thought-provoking articles I have read that speaks to a growing problem: racial violence. Specifically black-on-white aggression.
While any racially-motivated violence is bad, recent data shows the majority of whites are killed by members of their own race. But citing federal statistics five years ago, U.S. News and World Report noted an uptick in interracial hostilities in a 2015 article that made up a sizeable portion of overall violence. According to the FBI’s annual Crime in the United States analysis at the time, the amount of whites killed by blacks increased 13 percent from 2014 and it was noted as  since the election of Barack Obama.
With the George Floyd riots and emphasis by the left on promoting Critical Race Theory, and the anti-white racism that the left has been preaching for years, the attempts by the left to silence any discussion of black-on-white violence by even denying it exists, and Obama’s recent stoking fears of white Americans, it is abundantly clear the left is seeking to bring race relations back to where they were prior to the Civil Rights Era when, believe it or not, a lot of racial violence occurred between black and white people. This as part of the left’s cynical ploy to theoretically achieve lasting power by stoking racial division and inciting a race war.
The media is helping further the victim culture the left has promoted in the black community by using the occasion of the Tulsa massacre of telling only half the story about that event. This obviously being done to ensure the acceptance of white guilt and that there is a continuous pool of unsuspecting victims (white or otherwise) for the thugs (black or otherwise) the left has unleashed resulting from their lies.
Racial superiority and perpetuating envy is root of all race-related violence. If things don’t change, the bigger picture, however, is with the Trump movement’s diverse racial and ethnic population the growing racial violence against whites and Asians can result in a in pre-Civil War New York City scenario where the country is Balkanized with a Gangs of New York situation. The end result being Red areas are free and prosperous while Blue areas are crime-ridden slums rampant with violent, racist gangs.