Biden to Host July 4th Party After Telling Others Not To

In light of Joe Biden’s recent signing of Juneteenth as a holiday (which is good), there is the ironic element of his telling people during March not to hold large gatherings (unless Biden gives you permission), while he does at the White House. Admittedly, the gathering (which was announced last week) is also to celebrate victory over the coronavirus, but the unwritten rule is if it involves people who have been immunized. From the Associated Press:

“The planned celebration will be the largest event of Biden’s presidency and is designed to demonstrate the nation’s victory over the virus as COVID-19 cases and deaths drop to levels not seen since the first days of the outbreak. The U.S. is seeing its highest rate of air travel since the pandemic began, and schools, businesses and restaurants are rapidly reopening.

To celebrate the resumption of pre-pandemic life, Biden is looking to celebrate the July Fourth holiday as “a summer of freedom.”

He plans to host first responders, essential workers and military service members and their families on the South Lawn of the White House for a cookout and to watch the fireworks over the National Mall. More than 1,000 guests are expected, officials said.

The plan shows the dramatic shift in thinking since Biden cautiously held out hope just three months ago that people might be able to hold small cookouts by the Fourth.”

During March Biden rejected a request by South Dakota for fireworks to be used on Mount Rushmore for July 4th celebrations citing risks related to coronavirus. The state subsequently sued claiming the rationale for the cancellation was speculative and vague (a judge upheld the White House’s decision). It is not hard to imagine how even more upset South Dakota officials and citizens are upon learning of Biden’s Independence Day party. All of us should share in their anger since Biden is, like other leftists, using the virus as a weapon against his opponents.