Critical Race Theory Applied to Vaccines

Parents from a variety of backgrounds are revolting against Critical Race Theory being taught in their children’s public and private school classrooms. However, even Joe Biden has approved it being taught in government agencies (including schools) and corporations are signing on to using it too. Fortunately, the result are educators who enlist to teach the ideology are leaving their jobs and school board members supporting the implementation of CRT into school programs are being kicked out of office.

The resulting backlash has not been enough to stave off the tide of CRT’s rhetoric from being used to spin certain events nor for the left to attempt revisionism and, in one case, the result is outright revisionism. For example, according to Newsbusters, a guest on Friday’s Cross Connection show on MSNBC, Dr. Chris Pernell, told host Tiffany Cross that anti-vaxxers are really white supremacists involved in a conspiracy to prevent communities of color (specifically black people) from getting immunized so they contract coronovirus.

Oddly enough, Pernell said this after belittling people who are susceptible to conspiracy theories and then goes on to spin one of her own. Worst of all, Cross didn’t challenge Dr. Pernell but actually embraced what the doctor said. Anti-vaccine groups have conducted campaigns that have lead to populations forgoing vaccination. During 2017, a measles outbreak in Minneapolis’s Somali community was attributed to an anti-vaccine campaign urging Twin City Somalis not get immunized.

However, there is no proof to support Dr. Pernell’s claim and everyone opposed to vaccines is a white supremacist. Until proof is found, Pernell’s assertion can and should be dismissed. Black Americans have long had a distrust of vaccines since the infamous Tuskegee Experiments and that, along with many wanting to wait to see more proof the vaccines work, are certainly understandable, though not entirely rational, reasons to hesitate before getting immunized. Ultimately, the choice to vaccinate varies depending on the individual, not the demographic.

None the less, it is possible that she used the occasion to try to convince black people to vaccinate since Dr. Pernell said she got immunized herself. But not only is the doctor’s claim paranoid and racist, in many ways, it is a look into the mindset of people who subscribe to Critical Race Theory. Pernell’s mentality is similar to the psychosis known as Gang-Stalking. Like I have pointed out before, where targeted individuals see operatives or agents out to get them, Critical Race Theorists see white supremacists everywhere.