Pandemic Response To Be Framework For “Climate Crisis”

Despite flurona symptoms being reported as mild and with the attempts to hype the Omicron variant, Legal Insurrection states that the response to the COVID-19 outbreak will be used as a model for up coming reported climate emergencies.

In it’s report, Legal Insurrection not only reveals a Cambridge University Press article that describes the strategy, but also points out what occurred during the virus outbreak and is very similar to what happened with the climate change issue. For example, scientists or doctors who express dissent are silenced to slandered similar to the suppression of climate skeptics. From the article:

“For example, Dr. Francis Collins, then director of the National Institutes of Health, sent an email to Facui concerned about the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement developed by Harvard’s Martin Kulldorff, Oxford’s Sunetra Gupta and Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya against blanket pandemic lockdowns.

The two organized a media smear campaign to paint these scientists as “fringe”.

Dr. Fauci replied to Dr. Collins that the takedown was underway. An article in Wired, a tech-news site, denied there was any scientific divide and argued lockdowns were a straw man—they weren’t coming back. If only it were true. The next month cases rose and restrictions returned.

Dr. Fauci also emailed an article from the Nation, a left-wing magazine, and his staff sent him several more. The emails suggest a feedback loop: The media cited Dr. Fauci as an unquestionable authority, and Dr. Fauci got his talking points from the media. Facebook censored mentions of the Great Barrington Declaration. This is how groupthink works.

On CBS last month, Dr. Fauci said Republicans who criticize him are “really criticizing science, because I represent science. That’s dangerous.”

So if these manipulations are being done to biological science, it would be reasonable to assume they are also occurring with climate science. The challenge is that we can see the infectious disease “experts” fail in the course of a few months, versus the decades it takes for poor climate change predictions to unfold.”

A recent news report of the Marshall Wildfire in Boulder County, Colorado reveals this concern of trying to panic people again based on climate alarmism is real. For example, outlets, like NBC News, predictably attempt to link the wildfire desolation to climate change while The Guardian outright reports the disaster is part of a climate crisis. This despite Boulder County authorities continue to investigate the fire’s cause and no doubt the investigation’s results will be downplayed or ignored in the press if the outcome does not match their narrative.

What should be of concern, are efforts to clamp down on or restrict activities resulting from reasons conjured up by politicians or bureaucrats and the case made in the Cambridge University Press article Legal Insurrection points to should be taken into account with remarks like this:

“A salient example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, during which severe limitations on free movement and association have become legitimate techniques of government. Climate change poses an even graver threat to public safety. Consequently, I argue, legitimacy may require a similarly authoritarian approach. While unsettling, this suggests the political importance of climate action. For if we wish to avoid legitimating authoritarian power, we must act to prevent crises from arising that can only be resolved by such means.”

Three years ago, Google partnered with a California air quality sensor company named Aclima in an attempt to accumulate air quality data to be made publicly available on its Street View applications and webpage that was later sacked due to lack of interest or bad publicity. Imagine this effort being revived in light of the COVID debacle and the information being used to justify further climate controls on the local, state, and even federal level.

The lockdowns, mask mandates, and recent vaccinate requirements to control or stop the spread of coronavirus did not work. Neither would equal or worse authoritarian policies allegedly trying to combat human-induced climate change. The failure of the rules enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic make it abundantly clear that climate models and other claims of human-caused climate change should be seriously questioned and openly challenged due to their political orientation.

None the less, if the above strategy is implemented, environmentalists will have one more reason to look on the bright side of the COVID-19 pandemic. Never forget the immortal words of actress and climate thug Jane Fonda about the coronavirus too:

PHOTO CREDIT: Image by ojkumena from Pixabay