Study: Sixth Mass Extinction Has Begun … No, Really!

Here we go again! Since climate alarmist’s first try in 2015 and Discover magazine’s effort two years ago to convince people were in the midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction, climate alarmists are back with a new manuscript saying that the human-induced climate calamity is underway and to take them seriously this time. According to Breitbart, despite objections of deniers, Science Alert‘s deputy editor, Peter Dockrill, alerted readers to this (ahem) catastrophe on Tuesday. He boldly proclaimed that the looming weight of evidence reveals the Sixth Mass Extinction is unfolding all around us.

Dockrill not only took the time to scold critics of this hypothesis saying they took a highly biased assessment of the crisis, Breitbart reports, but he also had the audacity to waste space on Science Alert shaming humans for not taking the grim phenomenon more seriously. The reason for this bias, Dockrill says, is that vertebrate-centric media has the gall to focus more on mammals and birds while ignoring invertebrates. Dockrill cites a manuscript authored by University of Hawaii at Manoa biologist Robert H. Cowie and two other researchers, claiming that invertebrates make up the great majority of biodiversity.

Oh but don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, it gets better. Breitbart also reveals Cowie and company not only swipe at their fellow environmentalists at the IUCN for their heavily biased so-called Red List of Endangered Species, the authors also decry the nerve of humans bending nature in order to live and prosper saying:

Indifference to the fate of animal species, especially invertebrates, reflects “an anthropocentric view that the Earth and its resources should be managed primarily, if not solely, for the benefit of humankind.

But even after wasting all of this time and effort plowing through data to release their diatribe spitting on mankind (other than themselves, of course), Breitbart says Cowie et. all say that efforts should be made to preserve animal species that presently exists while somehow omitting what the ideal number of animal species should be. Perhaps you need to be a part of their team to be in the know as to what it is?

This is not only another effort to instill panic but also another opportunity for half-witted intellectuals to preach and scold others from their ivory towers. Never mind many of us pay for them to have the prestigious positions they hold and, worst of all, the people who don’t agree with them can’t demand refunds. But these slimy elitists could care less because people, like Dockrill and Cowe, feel entitled to their present state of employment and see it as their job to advocate making the world in their image. If their efforts are used to condemn human beings, then it stands to reason that climate alarmists are really not of this Earth (i.e. alien lifeforms).

When the attempt to revive the Sixth Mass Extinction two years ago reared its ugly head Geologist and earth scientist Dr. Ian Plimer had plenty to say about the Six Mass Extinction when interviewed on Sky News Australia.