Leftist Group Pushes “Climate Change” Censorship To Combat “Misinformation”

The left’s bloodlust resulting from their censorship efforts in recent years continues. According to the USA Today, a group called Advance Democracy is urging social media companies, such as Facebook and YouTube, to censor anyone engaged in climate misinformation. From USA Today:

“Climate change falsehoods, hoaxes and conspiracy theories are still prevalent on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube despite pledges to crack down, a new report says.

Social media posts and videos denying climate change, disputing its causes, or underplaying its effects not only can still be found on these platforms, they are often missing warning labels or links to credible information, according to Advance Democracy, a research organization that studies misinformation.

Climate scientists say they’re frustrated by the lack of progress in stemming the tide of climate change misinformation. For years, they’ve urged social media companies to identify, flag and take down the misinformation and the accounts that spread it.”

USA Today claims to have exclusive access to a report issued by Advance Democracy about how social media is the place where climate change denial flourishes. Despite the group not publishing the manuscript on their website, one meteorologist on Twitter reveals that a strikingly similar report was published by USA Today during May of last year.

This is another example of media corruption. Reprinting a story ran 8 months ago in hopes of generating controversy is clearly an attempt to try to revive an effort to censor debate and discussion of a scientific topic. If the science making the case for human induced climate change is valid, then there would be no need to resort to silence people who question it.

Because the left controls academia, entertainment, and the mainstream news media, they no longer champion free speech and obviously couldn’t get enough of the power the exercised to silence people who dared to question the science of COVID-19. Since the left controls key cultural institutions resulting from their long march through them, they can now be the nihilistic bullies they truly are (i.e. their mask has been pulled off).