Justin Trudeau Accuses Opponents of Supporting Swastikas

The Prime Minister accused the Conservative caucus of Canada’s parliament today of standing with people who wave swastikas. This after Melissa Lantsman who is Jewish and a Conservative MP from Thornhill, Ontario criticized Trudeau for his present actions citing remarks he made in the past about earning Canadian’s trust in their government. As the below video reveals, when pressed to do so, Trudeau refused to apologize for his remarks.

Trudeau’s attitude demonstrates that he neither cares nor is concerned about the consequences of his actions including the toll his campaign will take on the people he is targeting. The Prime Minister is creating more division and discord, acting more like a totalitarian more than a leader. Regardless of his intentions or any threat that may be posed by the trucker convoy that he wishes to address (there is none), the Prime Minister is not doing himself any favors acting this unreasonable.

Trudeau’s record of playing footsie with violent leftists and dictators reveals a potential intellectual pattern he is following. He had no problem standing with the violent, Communist revolutionary group Black Lives (Don’t) Matter, praised Communist dictator Fidel Castro, and expressed admiration for Communist China. Comedian Bill Maher blasted Trudeau recently resulting from his reviewing the Prime Minister’s remarks about the trucker convoy and unvaccinated saying Trudeau does sound like Hitler and, in many ways, Maher is right.