Scientists: Cat Litter Could Be Remedy For Climate Change

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) think they have found a potential solution to help remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere: cat litter. On Saturday, The Wall Street Journal reported that a team of scientists headed by Professor Desirée Plata discovered the clay material zeolite successfully absorbed methane and converted it into carbon dioxide.

Plata said that using zeolite filters coupled with small amounts of copper could be used to trap coal mine emissions while simultaneously halting methane discharge from coal mines too. Methane has been a point of contention regarding climate change as of late. That is largely why there has been a concerted effort to clamp down on cow flatulence.

While the MIT scientist’s research is notable, no doubt it will remain for in-lab tests and never be implemented. Environmentalists do not want cut backs on carbon emissions from places like coal mines, they want them completely shut down while using the science of man-made climate change as a weapon to justify destroying our industrial base in the West. This is evidenced, not only by their opposition to nuclear power, but also environmentalist groups that sue to stop renewable energy plant construction, usually invoking endangered species or an alleged lack of a proper environmental impact study.

It’s crystal clear that, despite claiming to support green energy, most environmentalists support severely limited development for both renewables and fossil fuels — along with the grueling hardship inflicted on people such policies would cause. Like the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.