Ghana On The Verge Of Collapse Due To “Climate Change” Goals

It’s not just Holland and Sri Lanka who are going through turmoil embracing environmentalist policies pushed by global (IMF) or continental organizations (EU), but Sub-Saharan Africa is getting a taste of it as well. Ghana used to have one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa but decided to turn to international finance organizations due to the country’s economy hitting a snag resulting from Ghana’s government amassing too much debt and heightening inflation.

Ghana had undertaken United Nations carbon reduction emission reduction goals before but could not meet them due to the increasing price of fertilizer. The European Union declined to help Ghana so they secured a loan from the World Bank that required Ghana to cut carbon emissions and deforestation by embracing renewable energy sources. Consequently, Ghana’s national power supply was shut down shortly thereafter and experienced water shortages since electricity is needed to deliver it to where there is not enough to cultivate crops on farmlands.

Worst part about it, is South Africa is going through the same thing as Ghana and Sri Lanka thanks to government financiers in Europe and the United States. This is what environmentalist policies produce: wholesale misery and death with a little racism mixed in. Policies elites use to kill off populations because humans are such a cancer on the planet.

PHOTO CREDIT: A cropped image of this meme at Patriot Post.