Animal “Rights” Trauma Surgeon Who Advocated Killing Scientists Has Returned

A new survey published a few days ago by U.C. Davis researchers reveals a harrowing result that one in five adults in the United States (which is about 50 million people) believe political violence is justified in some situations. So it is with this in mind that it makes sense that Los Angeles-based trauma surgeon Dr. Jerry Vlasak has returned to the animal rights scene.

According to Speaking of Research, Vlasak has a history of advocating killing scientists who are involved in laboratory experiments that use animals as part of their research (i.e. vivisection). Vlasak’s intentions are clear: motivate new generations of animal rights terrorists to engage in what he has advocated.

As a result of Vlasak’s blunt advocacy of violence, during 2004 he and his wife have been banned from entering Great Britain and his influence including animal rights terrorism overall died out resulting from the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in 2006.

However, no doubt Vlasak is back due to the many instances of leftist terrorist activities that have gone unpunished (like the George Floyd Riots). He obviously sees an opportunity and has decided to take a chance at trying to inspire even more people to not only harbor views like his but even to act on them as well.

Most recently, Speaking of Research reveals the group Animal Activism Mentorship (AAM) hosted a series of online workshops including one seminar geared to train terrorists on how to avoid being discovered by police and evade potential criminal charges while conducting illegal animal rights-oriented activities. Worst of all, another speaker during the event Vlasak appeared in is none other than Joseph Buddenberg who was convicted five years ago for conducting numerous acts of terrorism attacking the fur industry across the country.

It may have been a bad idea for AAM to post the workshops on their YouTube account and for the videos to remain posted despite YouTube’s terms of service. However, in the context of the times, it makes sense. Google obviously supports AAM’s mission and in the past six years animal rights terrorists have become more outspoken in their support of violence and intimidation.

Civilizations crumble when there is unequal application of laws directed at certain segments of the population. That includes companies, like Google, who provide public services (like blogs and video channels) and make claims they oppose extremism but take no action when it involves organizations that support their political bias.

Not only should the video be removed, but AAM should be the subject of a criminal investigation for this since it is an effort to advocate for violence against scientists who use animals as part of their research. Google should be penalized in some way too.