California Legalizes “Human Composting” Because … Climate Change!

In addition to outlawing gas-powered vehicles and nearly ending the use of nuclear energy in the Golden State, I didn’t think California could go any lower, but (sure enough) they did. The state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, recently signed a bill into law that will allow people to elect to have their body remains composted after they die.

According to SFGate, human composting or natural organic reduction involves placing the body in a reusable container, surrounding it with wood chips and aerating it to let microbes and bacteria grow. After about a month, the remains will decompose and be fully transformed into soil. There are compost companies that exist to perform such requests and Oregon, Colorado, and Washington have also legalized the practice. Of course, climate change is the justification since (in theory) human composting is geared to help people keep their carbon footprint low toward the end of their lives.

In many ways this is a religious practice since the emphasis is placing a dead body into a special container (i.e. coffin) in order to let it degenerate where it will be converted into soil. This has a similar ring to the Christian proverb in the book of Genesis: ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Human composting is kind of morbid too. Especially after it was revealed a short time ago that a member of Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion recently admitted that some of the group’s members cannibalized their captives.

Environmentalists are allowed to compost their bodies in Blue states using a practice originally used on livestock in order to make themselves one with Gaia, while the U.S. government, at the direction of Democrat Joe Biden, who not only berates Trump supporters as semi-fascist but has no problem financing Nazis in Ukraine who, in turn, eat their victims. This on top of The New York Times publishing an op-ed in July suggesting cannibalism as an option. Disgusting!

Image by Joke vander Leij from Pixabay