Climategate’s 12 Year Anniversary

Today is the 12 year anniversary of the scandal that rocked the world known as Climategate. Ironically, this anniversary takes place in the shadow of the Biden administration signing off on paying out $1 billion in so-called climate reparations despite denying that such funding would be for that purpose and even Biden himself saying there isn’t a climate problem. The stated intent of the payments are meaningless in this context, however, since the funding will only go to benefit countries hostile to the United States, such as China.

Since it is also the holiday season, what better way to commemorate the two occasions than to show a video parodying Dr. Michael Mann author of the so-called hockey stick chart that climate alarmists hinged on to make their case for human-caused climate change. Even the scientific community later had doubts about Mann’s work only for the his graph to eventually be debunked.

One thought on “Climategate’s 12 Year Anniversary

  1. I’d put FACTS on the iceberg. Facts, in their majestic equality, forbid East German Democrats and Grabbers Of Pussy alike from manufacturing falsehoods, pandering to totalitarianism, or succumbing to mass hysteria.


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