EPA Pushes For Huge Increase In Carbon Emissions Tax

Recently, the Biden administration signed off on climate reparations (so-called) at the COP27 conference and the agreement the White House endorsed includes a compensation fund to dole out the loot. In reality, this is nothing more than a slush fund for dictatorships (like China) that hate the West and that includes the organizations said slave pens support financially. But wait, ladies and gentlemen, there’s more.

In order to pay for this boondoggle, E&E News reports the Environmental Protection Agency is underhandedly pushing for a massive increase in the federal carbon tax. Presently, E&E News states, that under Biden federal agencies calculated a carbon tax hike from $1 to $51 per metric ton of carbon dioxide and the EPA wants to ratchet up the levy to $190!

While environmentalists back Biden’s tax hike, thankfully, Fox Business says it looks like the EPA proposal is dead on arrival and the increase taken up under Biden needs to be reversed too. Hopefully, the new House Republican majority will push to change this and the Senate will follow. But calls and emails to your members of Congress to put a stop to this is definitely necessary.