Rebekah Jones: Guilty As Charged

Rebekah Jones, the Florida state employee the left made out to be a hero for going against the corrupt DeSantis administration for denying science or something, has now plead guilty.

Jones was canned from her job in the Florida health department for insubordination and was later arrested. But that didn’t stop Jones from claiming her termination was due to her exposing the Florida governor’s inadequate and deceitful coronavirus policies for the next two years. None the less, Jones was forced to admit on Friday that she did, in fact, lie. What really happened was she commandeered the Florida Health Department’s computer system, stole information on it and then lied about what happened.

Jones agreed to a deferred prosecution agreement that is similar to a plea bargain. It is an arrangement where she agrees to plead guilty, avoids prosecution and a felony charge on her record by complying with the arrangement while the state agrees to defer prosecution for two years contingent on Jones’ compliance.

Despite all of this, Jones decided to financially benefit from her new found fame by filing to run for Congress and, after agreeing to the deal with Florida, not surprisingly, she falsely claimed on her Substack blog the state agreed to drop the case against her in exchange for payment. No doubt the mainstream media will continue to push Jones’ fraud and later attempt to use it if Ron DeSantis tries to run for president.

The clearest example of how the left weaponizes and even exaggerates lies while making people who tell them out to be heroes is what happened with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Tactics similar to those outlined by Communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin.