23 Eco-Terrorists Arrested After Violently Attacking Police, Burning “Cop City”

Eco-terrorists of the Defend Atlanta Forest group have been occupying a plot of land set to have a new police training facility built for almost 2 years in which the nihilists were angry one of their members was killed after a police officer defended himself from being attacked by one of the Defend Atlanta Forest punks. oThe terrorists decided today would be the day to have their revenge.

More than 20 people from around the country faced domestic terrorism charges Monday after dozens in black masks attacked the site of a police training center under construction in a wooded area outside Atlanta where one protester was killed in January.

Flaming bottles and rocks were thrown at officers during a protest Sunday at “Cop City,” where 26-year-old environmental activist Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, or “Tortuguita,” was shot to death by officers during a raid at a protest camp in January. Police have said that Tortuguita attacked them, a version that other activists have questioned.

This has been planned for years and while the media tries to play it off as an Antifa-style attack, they make little mention that these punks are environmentalists and had a little help from some friends such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Just another mostly peaceful protest.