Tucker Carlson Calls Out The Chaotic Evil Of The Left

During a gala event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Heritage Foundation, Tucker Carlson delivered the keynote address at an event the group held recently correctly pointing out that not only is the left is an unconventional political movement, but that their nihilism is evil and nothing more.

That is the only conclusion one can come to when leftist terrorists loot and burn cities, seek to destroy our energy sector, murder and censor their political opponents including promote the sexualization of children. What’s worse are people (like Never Trumpers) who try to downplay, rationalize, or excuse their actions that, in turn, enables the left’s savagery.

In recent months, Tucker Carlson has become more outspoken and abrupt with the content of his shows, and the hard edged message of this speech is more proof of that. Consequently, his leaving or termination from Fox News is no surprise since Tucker obviously decided he had nothing to lose and, hopefully, will go on to bigger and better things.