Florida Teacher Who Tried To Groom Students Makes Pitch For Homeschooling

Okay so the headline is really grounded in sarcasm. But Florida fifth-grade teacher Jenna Barbee who recently screened an LGBT-oriented movie in her environment class and was subjected to a state investigation as result, was interviewed on CNN today. During her interview, Barbee made a blunt statement that will give parents every reason to home school their kids.

Though Barbee has resigned, she went on the CNN to complain that she can’t groom kids anymore and about how Florida is cracking down on efforts to conduct events involving under age students using sexually-oriented themes or exposing children to LGBT-oriented material.

In the case of Jenna Barbee, she had no problem getting the parent’s permission to show the film, she just didn’t tell the parents which movie she would show and didn’t get clearance from the school district to show it. No doubt she will do something like this again, but, hopefully, the large amount of publicity Barbee has gotten will prevent her from ever teaching in the future.

Public schools have regularly been used by the left to indoctrinate children, but recent events involving sexually explicit material are clearly geared to shred the social fabric of the United States. This is what the San Francisco Gay Men’s chorus meant when they published the video We’re Coming For Your Children two years ago.

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