“De-fund The Police” Aids Racist Green De-Population Efforts

In one way or another, despite ideological disagreements, all factions of the left tend to aid each other in one way or another. The De-fund the Police campaign is now revealed in a Washington Times article to be indirectly assisting environmentalists with their goal of ridding the planet of human beings. In this case, it is primarily targeting black people.

The WT report profiles retired police officer Nick Gerace and his PAC’s efforts to defeat Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner stating:

“In 2017, the year before Mr. Krasner took office, 79% of Philadelphia’s homicide victims were Black, according to crime statistics. In 2020, when homicides jumped 40% from the previous year to a near-record 499, 86% of the victims were Black.

Blacks also were disproportionately victims in shootings last year. While Blacks comprise roughly 44% of the city’s population, 84% of the victims in Philadelphia’s 2,236 shootings were Black, according to police figures.

In other words, more people are being killed and shot, and more of them are Black, than at any other point in the 21st century. Mr. Gerace reminds people that it has happened under Mr. Krasner’s regime.

While Mr. Krasner sharply reduced the number of incarcerated people in Philadelphia, the percentage of incarcerated people who are Black ticked up.”

In just so happens that the demographics of the environmentalist movement largely reflects the population of the political left, they’re mostly white. With the De-Fund the Police movement and its cousin organizations, like Black Lives Matter, we see another example of White liberal racist do-gooders trying to help the black community but, instead, do the exact opposite while deviously aiding environmentalists to kill off members of the human race.

Four years ago, the movie Get Out was released in which the bad guys in the film were white liberal racists. The movie stirred quite a bit of controversy because its maker, Jordan Peele, touched on a subject few on the left would openly admit. Even The New York Times broached the subject of white liberal racism for a five-part podcast the Gray Lady released during July of last year and, as a result of the left’s anti-police campaigns, its no coincidence that racist attacks on Asians is up dramatically across the country too.

The modern day white racists aren’t just the people donning Ku Klux Klan uniforms or joining Skinhead gangs, but those joining groups, like ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter, some how thinking doing so gives meaning to their meaningless lives. Environmentalists are way ahead of the curve, just ask Mark Lynas.