“Sexy hunter” hits back at her critics with freezer tour

American huntress and former New York City accountant Larysa Switlyk recently joined Sexy Hunter Michaela Fialova for an African hunting trip. Switlyk met Fialova in Slovakia and from there went to Africa to hunt. The UK Daily Mail published a story expressing outrage alleging the two hunted and killed a baby deer and posted the photo on her Facebook page.

However, the two can’t hunt baby deer or fawn as part of the license agreement they have with the owners of the land. In fact, IJ Review states the deer Michaela and Larysa shot was an old, adult male deer which is allowed since older male deers cannot reproduce deer. There are lots of regulations countries in Africa have when issuing licenses to hunt and property owners who allow hunting also have rules too. In this case, the controversy surrounds wether or not the deer in question was an adult in which it clearly was.

In the below video, Michaela responds to her critics by giving a tour of her freezer. Good for Michaela and Larysa for their efforts and not only did they kill an adult deer but they also killed a wild boar too.