Environmentalist group’s child indoctrination programs

The Orlando Advocate published a very interesting response to a question from a reader who asked who young people could get more involved in environmental advocacy. The Advocate responded by detailing how groups like the Center for Biological Diversity, Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES), Earthforce and a few other environmentalist groups are hosting summer camps on how to teach (read: indoctrinate) kids about environmental activism and all things necessary to save the planet.

The article is very informative in which it discusses all of the activities green groups will have in place to train good little foot soldiers in the fight against mankind. For example, according to the Center for Biological Diversity’s website the CBD hosts a Generation Wild program that:

[O]ffers kids tips on things like how to write an effective and compelling “letter to the editor” for publication in a local newspaper, creating a backyard wildlife sanctuary, encouraging teachers and schools to undertake projects that help local wildlife, and spreading the word via social media.

What a great way to ensure continued green indoctrination in schools. I am sure school kids will love to continue to keep hearing how guilty they are just because of the fact that they have a carbon footprint. I am confident that innovative ideas like the 1010 No Pressure campaign will be coming soon to a school near you if school children are unsuccessful in reducing their carbon footprint.

Or maybe they will resuscitate the Energy Hog program. You remember that one, right? That’s the effort the US government even undertook at one point to convince kids to shame their parents for wasting too much energy.

Then there are other notable efforts going on the article details such as The Tree Musketeers’ campaign:

Through its Young Executive program, the group provides resources to help kids learn the practical, logistical and personal skills to lead environmental actions and spread the word about the need to live more sustainable lifestyles.

Yet another nonprofit vehicle that helps kids get active is SustainUS, which focuses on sustainable development. Its Agents of Change program sends youth delegations to United Nations conferences on climate change, sustainable development, women’s issues and biological diversity—and its Lead Now Fellowship trains and supports young people in becoming leaders in advancing sustainable development.

Last but not least, TakingItGlobal is an international network of young people working to tackle global environmental challenges. Its Digital Youth Engagement, Global Education and Social Innovation programs focus on creating the next generation of environmental leaders around the world.

I think it is impressive that there are so many efforts on the part of green groups dedicated to telling kids just how evil their existence is while cajoling them to live more sustainable lifestyles (i.e. live with less so your life ends faster). I guess where Christianity and Communism weren’t too successful in programing kids, environmentalist groups will give it a go. Islam has had more success though the religion’s madrasas have gone so far as to isolate children.

All of this reminds me of a quote attributed to Vladimir Lenin that states: Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. I guess the best consolation one can get is that it is likely that most of these kids could reject what they are being taught down the line.