The Myth of the Noble Savage

Are we better in a state of nature, before authority brings down the hammer on “misbehavior”? Do you ever yearn for a simple life, deep in the woods, free of social constraints? What do you think would happen to us all in the absence of the rule of law? Would we learn to cooperate, or end up fighting endlessly? Dr. Duke Pesta joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the ancient idea of an earthly paradise that existed before the fall of man. What was it really like? Better, or worse? Where would you prefer to live?

Environmentalism is not just anti-industry but also a worship or reverence for primitivism. It is from this that the Green movement argues for a kind naturalism as discussed in the below interview. The idea of The Noble Savage is an outgrowth of the Enlightenment but has been made into a package deal over time by the Left to the definition as it is known today.