Anti-Macron Riots Are The Result of New Carbon Tax

France enacted new taxes on carbon as proposed by French President Emanuel Macron only to see riots riots break out in central Paris following two weeks of protests. The riots resulted in cars and buildings being set ablaze along with the infamous Arc de Triomphe being damaged.

The taxes were obviously the last straw for a populace that is being squeezed by high taxes but carbon taxes affect a person’s ability to use their car. It is more of a behavior modification method Macron sought to employ in order to combat fulfill his promise to combat human induced climate change.

US politicians seem to want the chaos in France to come come to America. Just recently, a bill was introduced in the US Senate with bipartisan support to enact carbon taxes. The yellow jacket revolution is also spreading in which Belgium is experiencing civil unrest from a similar group there over high taxes as well. Below is news coverage of the riots by Fox News.