It’s Official: Donald Trump Can Do Anything

President Donald Trump must possess the Infinity Stones. Donald Trump can literally do anything. He not only influence the weather, but also make people gain or lose weight, change their political parties, end people’s marriages, quit their jobs, feel violated during sex, affect people’s sex lives, incite harassment, make people stab themselves, and now he can delete citations in scientific studies. From The Guardian:

“As an Arctic researcher, I’m used to gaps in data. Just over 1% of US Arctic waters have been surveyed to modern standards. In truth, some of the maps we use today haven’t been updated since the second world war. Navigating uncharted waters can prove difficult, but it comes with the territory of working in such a remote part of the world.

Over the past two months though, I’ve been navigating a different type of uncharted territory: the deleting of what little data we have by the Trump administration.

At first, the distress flare of lost data came as a surge of defunct links on 21 January. The US National Strategy for the Arctic, the Implementation Plan for the Strategy, and the report on our progress all gone within a matter of minutes. As I watched more and more links turned red, I frantically combed the internet for archived versions of our country’s most important polar policies.

I had no idea then that this disappearing act had just begun.”

All hail God Emperor Trump! There isn’t anything he can’t do. And you thought Millenium insanity ended with Y2K.

NOTE: The Guardian article is from two years ago. But you get the idea.

PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube – Image of a God Emperor Trump float used during a parade in Milan, Italy.