Environmentalists and China Lock Horns Over Sino-African Projects

The irony in this is that China funds environmentalist groups too. The Middle Kingdom is investing in African countries as part of its Belt and Road Initiative and even plans to expand its influence to the Arctic. Once the investments are made, China then holds the countries it invests in as tantamount to colonies and the officials in said countries are all too willing to go along. Despite this opposition (which is really against development), China will probably bribe the groups involved to get them to stand down or utilize assassinations to end the resistance.

China-backed projects in Africa face fierce backlash from environmentalists

Environmentalists accuse the developers of destroying ecosystems in pursuit of commodities like oil, metal and timber

ANI, May 30, 2021, Business Standard

Dozens of China-backed and funded projects in Africa, most of them developed as part of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), continue to face intense backlash from communities and environmentalists who accuse the developers of destroying ecosystems in pursuit of commodities like oil, metal and timber.

China plans to invest in a massive deposit of high-grade iron ore in the Simandou mountains of Guinea, which opponents say will destroy livelihoods in the process of reducing Beijing’s independence on Australian imports amid tensions with Canberra, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP).

In Ghana, a USD 2 billion bauxite-for-infrastructure deal with Chinese state-owned firm Sinohydro Corp has also drawn fire for posing a threat to the environment and the people.

Uganda and Tanzania last week approved the construction of an oil pipeline between the two countries, which also received calls for being scrapped by environmentalists.

Elizabeth Losos, a senior fellow at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute in the United States, confirmed that some China-funded projects in Africa had done enormous damage to communities and the environment.


PHOTO CREDIT: A cropped image of Saturn Devouring his Son By Francisco Goya – in this context it means (like any totalitarian ideology) the Left eats their own.