The Freedom To Fly Is Being Curtailed

British media columnist and media personality Katie Hopkins makes a disturbing observation about an ordinary person’s freedom to fly. This does make sense since environmentalists have long pushed to have air travel curtailed due to airline carbon emissions and, conveniently, the World Economic Forum published guidelines to reduce air travel last year. But don’t expect any world leaders to give up their flight schedule.

Some airlines in Europe have been forced to reduce carbon emissions, use sustainable aviation fuel, and new taxes have been enacted. The effects of these recent policies are what Hopkins points to that might give the impression of flight quotas. In reality, the rules and taxes are causing airlines to reduce air travel and that costs people their jobs. Couple this with the push for electric vehicles and the agenda is clear: it is some sort of campaign to take away people’s ability to provide for their means to travel. Rob people of another semblance of self-reliance to make them dependent on the state.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Andre Wadman –