Pfizer Executive Admits To #COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Leak, Gain Of Function Research Conducted

Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations Jordan Trishton Walker was recently caught on camera what may have already been known but can now be confirmed: the COVID-19 virus was leaked from a lab in China, the company conducts gain of function research (they call it directed evolution) in hopes of making money off of the variants, and the corruption of the regulatory process. (ADDENDUM 01/27/2022: YouTube took down Project Veritas’ video of Jordon Walker’s interview. It has been replaced with the organization’s Tweet.).

After Project Veritas head James O’Keefe disclosed to Walker he was recorded, Walker even attempted to assault James O’Keefe and destroyed O’Keefe’s iPad.

PHOTO CREDIT: Cell culture vials – Public Domain,