Rebekah Jones’s Son Arrested For Allegedly Making Death Threats

Former Florida state employee Rebekah Jones’s son was recently arrested by police for making terrorist threats to shoot up the school he used to attend. Not surprisingly, after this happened, Jones took to social media alleging her son was kidnapped by Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

According to the Miami Herald, Jones originally said she thought her son was taken into custody for sharing memes critical of campus resource officers. However, Jones later took the time to post this on Twitter that got millions of views obviously in hopes of trying to take control of or try to establish a narrative surrounding her son.

Not surprisingly, as CBS Miami reports, Jones turned her son in to authorities after he made threats of conducting a mass shooting and the Pensacola News Journal reveals what Jones’ son said on social media both of which which refute her kidnapping charge:

“I want to shoot up the school.”

“If I get a gun I’m gonna shoot up hnms lol.”

“I’m getting a wrath and natural selection shirt so maybe but I don’t think many ppl know what the columbine shooters look like.”

“Okay so it’s been like 3-4 weeks since I got on my new antidepressants and they aren’t working but they’re suppose to by now so I have no hope in getting better so why not kill the losers at school.”

The teenager told one of his friends that he planned to shoot up the school the Thursday before Spring Break but there were too many things going on so he postponed it until March 31.

Last year, Jones was forced to admit guilt in order to avoid prosecution resulting from her illegally accessing Florida’s Department of Health computer system to she used to send personal messages to colleagues in violation of department rules only to later say that she was forced to manipulate COVID-19 data. An assertion later determined to be untrue as well.

Though her son changed his mind, Jones did the right thing turning him in to police. But her kidnapping claim is not surprising. Since Jones is always seeking to gain publicity and as a leftist, her refusal to admit anything is wrong with her or her son and play the victim is something routinely done among leftists. The more one claims victimhood, the more street cred they gain among fellow leftists.

Besides, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?