Voters unwilling to pay to fix climate change?

During December of last year, founder Marc Morano was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network on the mounting push back against climate change legislation and taxes. This explains the unpopularity of people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called Green New Deal.

Farewell To The NDP Destroyers

Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel Media reports on the defeat of Alberta’s New Democratic Party in the province’s elections and what she, her colleagues and Alberta had to endure resulting from the Albert NDP’s far-Left rule grounded in environmentalist policies.

“Radical” Occasional Cortex Is About Screwing Everyone Else

New York U.S. House member Alexandra Occasional Cortex … er … Ocasio-Cortez is the shining star of the Left and is considered by Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez as its future. A self-proclaimed democratic socialist, Cortez was recently interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CBS in which the topic of the Green New Deal came up.… Read More “Radical” Occasional Cortex Is About Screwing Everyone Else

Environmentalists Seek Meat Tax to Curb Climate Change

During January, scientists at the University of Manchester, England released the results of a study conducted examining the carbon footprint of homemade and pre-packaged sandwiches. Researchers found that producing sandwiches made with pork meat, cheese and prawns resulted in the highest carbon emissions. Worst of all, making so-called all day breakfast sandwiches resulted in carbon… Read More Environmentalists Seek Meat Tax to Curb Climate Change