Environmentalists, Abortion, and Anti-Humanism

In light of the Supreme Court overturning the Roe Vs. Wade court decision, not surprisingly, the left has begun their insurrection against American institutions, acting like biologists while lying to their supporters claiming that abortion will now be outlawed (it won’t). Thankfully, despite attempts at harassment and intimidation against them, Supreme Court Justices were undeterred.

However, the Supreme Court’s ruling should not be surprising in the least. For example, the left’s feminist hero, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, frequently criticized Roe Vs. Wade since she even saw how weak the legal foundations of the decision were and Ginsburg knew that the court precedent could be overturned.

However, despite the libertarian rhetoric the left utilizes to make their case for abortion, the surgical procedure is only pitched as a right or freedom by the left because, in reality, it is one of the tools for their anti-human campaign. This is clearly demonstrated by their actions since they do speak louder than words. Five years ago, Tucker Carlson had an exchange with Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune and Tucker’s environmentalist guest essentially confirms their intentions with abortion.

Joe Biden has embraced the environmentalist agenda by not only attacking the fossil fuel industry but enacting policies geared to underhandedly implement the so-called Green New Deal. Consequently, the U.S. economy is on the verge of or is already in a recession, the costs of products are services are going up due to the Democrat’s massive spending programs, violent crime is surging nationwide, massive layoffs are taking place, and shortages of necessary items (such as food and even baby formula) are occurring.

With the above in mind, environmentalists specifically (or the left more broadly) seek to make life on Earth a living hell for humans so that people’s lives and health will be negatively affected in one way or another. Our standard of living in the West is high thanks to our usage of fossil fuels, yet the left seeks to revert mankind (with the exception of them) to a state of primitivism or bad quality of life.

Consequently, with low standards of living, there is little incentive for people to start families and have children but more of an incentive to not have kids including terminate pregnancies including even die early deaths. The left’s attacks on the nuclear family are especially revealing by their continued sexualization of children. Having children helps people live longer and there’s little incentive for people to have children if the schools their kids attend will expose them to live sexual acts, pornography or events involving appearances with drag queens.

Abortion is not outlawed with the Supreme Court’s decision but is now reserved to the states to make policy. Regardless of your views on abortion, it is abundantly clear abortion is a sacrament of the left since it makes their anti-population or anti-human efforts easier to achieve and that is why they’ve gone ballistic. The Supreme Court has now put a needed hurdle in front of that campaign and with the growth of populations means a declining civilization can revive itself laying the groundwork to resist forces geared to undermine it.