Legacy Media Lays The Groundwork For Democrat Election Denial

The establishment media and the left decries anyone, other than them, of questioning election outcomes, including making accusations of vote fraud. However, as the examples in the below video clearly demonstrate, the Democrats are notoriously guilty of election denial, including levying accusations of vote fraud. Worst of all, they aren’t held accountable for it.

In light of the likelihood of a shellacking with the midterm elections, lo and behold like good boys and girls, the legacy media is already laying the groundwork for Democrats to deny the legitimacy of tomorrow’s election loses using concerns raised by Trump supporters for 2020. Best of all, the Democrat’s circular firing squad has already started shooting off rounds and more than one excuse … er … reason is available for Democrats to choose from. Tucker Carlson revealed this on his Fox News show last night.

Because being a leftist means never having to take responsibility for anything.