Consumer and green groups pressure Costco to reject GMO salmon

Consumer groups and Friends of the Earth are pressuring retail giant Costco to not sell genetically modified salmon even if federal regulators approve of it. Friends of the Earth tells The Hill their campaign has generated almost 20,000 letters while Center for Food Safety, Food & Water Watch, and Food Democracy Now have collected a total of 300,000 signatures as part of an online petition campaign they are conducting.

Despite the company’s denials that it will sell the product but left the door open to doing so if the FDA approved. It is for that reason that consumer and green groups are trying to prevent Costco from selling, what opposition organizations call, frankenfish.

Friends of the Earth claims over 60 of Costco’s competitors have agreed not to and are urging the company to jump on board. I laughed out loud when a Friends of the Earth representative put this paragraph in their statement to the press about their activity: We are asking Costco to stand behind the science, be a true leader in seafood sustainability and listen to the majority of consumers who do not want to eat genetically engineered fish.

It’s easy to protest GMO’s when the ones doing it aren’t going hungry and have access to lots of food. Then again, that is the point of environmentalist opposition to GMO foods be it crops or fish. In this case two groups are united in their hostility to science, but Friends of the Earth sees this as one other opportunity to prevent the food supply from being expanded so people have access to more food to eat in order to sustain their life. Since green organizations, like Friends of the Earth, are anti-human, restricting GMO’s ensures more human deaths by lowerering the availability of food. It also results in increased hunger and starvations just like what happened when environmentalist groups successfully lobbied African countries to ban growing GMO crops.