Hillary Clinton did not apologize to Kentucky coal miner

Earlier this month, the press reported that Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton apologized to [West Virginia] coal miner Bo Copley who tearfully pleaded with Clinton to not folow through with her threat to shut down coal mines. Clinton had previously declared she would in order to replace them with so-called clean energy sources like wind and solar power. Here is a video of Mrs. Clinton making her threat during a televised speech she gave on CNN during the middle of March:

Here is a video footage taken earlier this month of Bo Copley directing his comments to Mrs. Clinton:

Notice in her response Hillary Clinton said that her remarks were a mistatement and that they were taken out of context. She tried to weasle her way out of her threat but her intent is crystal clear. In my view, a statement is either correct or not and in her CNN speech Hillary Clinton made it abundantly clear that the coal mines would be shut down. Context is relevant and certainly matters and it is abundantly clear that Hillary Clinton tried to walk back her declaration but she did not apologize to Bo Copley.

Hillary Clinton is on the side of environmentalist groups who seek to destroy, not just the coal mining industry, but the fossil fuel industry in general. It should also be noted that Hillary Clinton was friends with Socialist activist Saul Alinsky. She has previously said she didn’t agree with Alinsky’s doctrinaire methods and prefered a more pragmatic approach. Otherwise, Clinton has never repudiated her past and a Clinton Presidency would be far more destructive than the damage done by present Administration.

CORRECTION: The state where Hillary Clinton is confronted and Bo Copley is from is West Virginia, not Kentucky.