The Lost Women of Enlightenment Science

Since March is Women’s History Month, a couple of years ago, The New Scientist published a fascinating article pointing to a number of women who contributed to the sciences during the Enlightenment.

Below is a video that is similar to the article linked above.

The development from Aquinas through Locke and Newton represents more than four hundred years of stumbling, tortuous, prodigious effort to secularize the Western mind, i.e., to liberate man from the medieval shackles. It was the buildup toward a climax: the eighteenth century, the Age of Enlightenment. For the first time in modern history, an authentic respect for reason became the mark of an entire culture; the trend that had been implicit in the centuries-long crusade of a handful of innovators now swept the West explicitly, reaching and inspiring educated men in every field. Reason, for so long the wave of the future, had become the animating force of the present. – Ayn Rand